Acknowledgment of country

Polyglot acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and create, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present. For more than 65,000 years, children and families have created and played here, and we are grateful to make our art on this country too.


Education News

A behind-the-scenes photo of the creative team, Paper Planet in specialist schools. They smile at the camera, and hold up colourful paper creatures and creations. Photo: Nick Barlow.

2 May 2024 Education News

May Education News

Polyglot’s in-school programs invite children to experience the joys of creativity and collaboration, while developing their critical thinking skills. Over the past two years,......

A Come Back Home production photo. A Polyglot artist wearing black smiles at a group of children and their adults who are moving towards them. They are on a large, theatrically-lit stage. Photo: Studio ZNKE, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

23 Apr 2024 Education News

A shared, magical world

The role of early learning centres and schools in the long-distance creative collaboration process of Come Back Home By Sylvie Meltzer In late 2020, Esplanade......

A When the World Turns creative development photo. Polyglot artists in khaki explorer costumes engage with students in wheelchairs. They are in a school corridor. Photo: Suzanne Phoenix

21 Nov 2023 Education News

“Small moments of connection”

November Education News Polyglot’s engagement with school communities is woven throughout our 45-year history. Across 2023, we have moved to longer residencies that allow......

A Paper Planet production photo. Children circle and kneel around multicoloured sea creatures created from papier-mache. Photographer: Ai Ueda

6 Jul 2023 Education News

“The freedom and natural play that happens in the bush is the best way to make a show!”

July Education News Polyglot Theatre acknowledges that for 65,000 years, First Nations peoples have created, played and shared stories on this land. This year’s......

A Family Forts production photo. Two Polyglot artists and a group of small children draw together on a large white surface on the floor. Photographer: Suzanne Phoenix

24 Feb 2023 Education News

“At the basis of creating, we have play.”

February Education News In January, Polyglot welcomed Cat Sewell, our new Artistic Director and co-CEO. She brings extensive experience in participatory theatre, working as......

A When the World Turns production photo. A Polyglot artist in an intricate mask leans over a bank of plants towards a young person, who holds a small torch, and reaches towards them smiling. An adult watches the exchange, smiling. They are in a darkened space, illuminated with dark blue theatrical lighting. Photographer: Theresa Harrison

1 Dec 2022 Education News

“Creative arts experiences are essential to a holistic learning experience and growth.”

December Education News Since Polyglot Theatre was founded in 1978, we have engaged deeply with school communities. The form has changed significantly throughout the......

A Boats production photo. A rainbow vessel obscures eight people inside of it, who are walking in the same direction on a brick path. Only their shoes are visible.

18 Jul 2022 Education News

A boat full of cookies: making the most of uncertainty

By Freya McGrath I joined the Polyglot team as Assistant Producer in January 2021 at a time when most of us thought the months......

A workshop photo. A child peers out of a cardboard box, smiling at the camera.

24 May 2021 Education News

How does creative play complement and challenge classroom education?

By Cat Sewell There was an area of the classroom that seemed little used. Containers gathering dust on forgotten wooden shelves. I had been......

A 5678 Film Club photo. A filmmaker with short red hair crouches, holding a camera, and talking to someone out of frame. A student in a hat, glasses and blue jumper 'pops' into frame behind the filmmaker, looking directly at the camera.

8 Feb 2021 Education News

5678 Film Club – finding inspiration

By Dr Meg Upton Here’s an idea! A frustrated artist accidentally travels through time in a rather bizarre way involving a toilet and a......

A Cerita Anak production shot. A performer holds a light display comprising of paper octopuses on a marionette in front of a crowd of children. One child has their arms outstretched towards the light display.

22 Oct 2020 Education News

The Theatrical Frame

By Jennifer Andersen I’ve always enjoyed performing in education settings. I like the proximity of the audience, and the intersection of everyday and imaginative......

A Parked creative development photo. An adult and child stand together amidst green foliage, illuminated by dramatic theatre lighting.

13 Jul 2020 Education News

Biophilia and nature deficit: co-designing natural spaces with and for children

By Dr Tanja Beer Have you ever wondered why walking in nature makes you feel so good? Perhaps it’s the abundance of green, the......

A school residency photo. Five students wearing boiler suits pose for the camera on rocks next to a body of water. There are trees and grey sky in the background.

22 Apr 2020 Education News

The ethics of children’s participation

By Sarah Austin As a theatre-maker who works with children and young people in a range of contexts (including within schools and community, for......

A Voice Lab production photo. A child sits in a soft, white, enclosed space that is illuminated with blue light. They wear a soft fabric crown with a long cord, which they hold with both hands. Photo: Theresa Harrison

23 Jan 2020 Education News

The impact of Voice Lab in educational contexts

By Lachlan MacLeod Voice Lab was originally created as an evaluative tool, but through its use in educational contexts it has revealed its ability......

A school residency photo. A close up of a child's hands, holding green and blue pastels, about to drawn on paper covered in orange and yellow scribbles and swirls.

18 Oct 2019 Education News

Understanding the sensory needs of neurodiverse students

By Mischa Long Sensory and responsive art practices, and working with students who have differing communication needs, is a very large topic. A deeper......

A 5678 Film Club photo. A Polyglot artist and a student stand behind a camera on a tripod, watching footage back.

15 Jul 2019 Education News

Education resources and child-led practice: a discursive entanglement

By Meg Upton It is early morning before the first bell. A large cardboard forest has appeared as if by magic in the multi-purpose......

A school residency performance photo. A child in a white rain poncho, holding an illuminated lantern, stands in the Australian bush, surrounded by green shrubs and trees. They are speaking to an audience out of frame. A white van is parked in the distance behind them.

8 May 2019 Education News

Young people, art and hope

By Kate Kantor ‘But Kate, why make something about the future? The coral’s dying, the trees are dying, the animals are dying and we......

1 Feb 2019 Education News

The arts in schools – an extended game of cat and mouse

By Dr Christine Sinclair In a small primary school in outer suburban Melbourne, it’s the restless hour before lunch and the Year 5/6s are......

29 Oct 2018 Education News

“The environments that Polyglot creates are venues for instant collaboration”

By Glen Walton “Would a wet shoe make a good instrument?” a student asks me in the middle of a workshop. “Umm, sure, yeah......