Acknowledgment of country

Polyglot acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and create, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present. For more than 65,000 years, children and families have created and played here, and we are grateful to make our art on this country too.

Polyglot People

Polyglot’s strength lies in our people – our Board, our Staff and our Artists.

The company works with a co-CEO model of Artistic Director and Executive Director, who lead a multi-skilled staff. We have an expert Board of Directors and an informal ensemble of highly skilled freelance artists who deeply understand the company’s artistic approach and ethos. We call this group the Generator.

Clement Baade, Paper Planet production photo, 2023. Photographer: Sarah Walker
Baby photo - Clement Baade

Clement Baade

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Tirese Ballard, Feast production photo, 2023. Photographer: Casey Horsfield, MPavilion

Tirese Ballard

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Nick Barlow, Pram People Development Production Photo, 2022. Photographer: Scott Hone, ArtPlay.

Nick Barlow

Performing Artist, Designer

Betiel Beyin. Photographer: Sarah Walker, 2023
Baby photo - Betiel Beyin

Betiel Beyin

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Sophia Derkenne, Paper Planet production photo, 2023. Photographer: Sarah Walker
Baby photo - Sophia Derkenne

Sophia Derkenne

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

John Marc Desegnano, Paper Planet Production Photo, 2021. Photographer: Sarah Walker, Footscray Community Arts Centre.

John Marc Desengano

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Briony Farrell, Boats Production Photo, 2021. Photographer: Jason Lau.

Briony Farrell

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Katrina Gaskell, Rumba Season Production Image, 2022.

Katrina Gaskell

Designer, Workshop Facilitator

2021 Polyglot staff headshot: Sue Giles AM, Artistic Director and co-CEO

Sue Giles AM

Director, designer. Former Artistic Director 2000-2022

A person wearing glasses smiles. They have orange hair tied up in a ponytail. Wireless headphones rest on their neck. Photo by Theresa Harrison.
A baby is smiling and sits on sand, wearing a pink bathing suit.

Kaite Head

Performing Artist, Stage Manager

Ashlee Hughes, Paper Planet production photo, 2023. Photographer: Sarah Walker
Baby photo - Ashlee Hughes

Ashlee Hughes

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

A person wears a knitted helmet, multicoloured goggles and glasses. Photo by Jean-Ettien Parrot.
A child sits on a log, wearing a leaf crown and necklace. Their right arm is raised in the air and their fist is clenched.

Youbi Lee

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Mischa Long, Light Pickers Production Photo, 2019. Photographer, Theresa Harrison, Abbotsford Convent.
Baby photo - Mischa Long

Mischa Long

Designer, Performing Artist

Lachlan MacLeod, 2019. Photographer: Theresa Harrison
Baby photo - Lachlan MacLeod

Lachlan MacLeod

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator, Musician, Videographer

Kuda Mapeza, When The World Turns Production Photo, 2022. Photographer: Theresa Harrison.
Baby photo - Kuda Mapeza

Kuda Mapeza

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Justin Marshall, Tangle NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Centre Production Photo, 2018.

Justin Marshall

Musician and Sound Designer

Sylvie Meltzer, Paper Planet Production Photo, 2018. Photographer: Mark Gambino, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.
Baby photo - Sylvie Meltzer

Sylvie Meltzer

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Steph OHara, Pram People Production Workshop Image, 2022. Photographer: Theresa Harrison.
Baby photo - Steph O'Hara

Steph O’Hara

Sound Designer

David Pidd, Boats Production Photo, 2021. Photographer: Jason Lau, Arts Centre Melbourne.
Baby photo - David Pidd

David Pidd

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Zak Pidd, We Built This City Production Photo, 2021. Photographer: Theresa Harrison, Melbourne Fringe.
Baby photo - Zak Pidd

Zak Pidd

Performing Artist

Alice Qin, Pram People production photo, 2022. Photographer: Theresa Harrison
Baby photo - Alice Qin

Alice Qin

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

A Totems production photo. A person wearing a t-shirt raises their arms to their shoulders. Photo: Alicia Fox

Tamara Rewse

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Sonya Suares, Cerita Anak Production Photo, 2017. Photographer: Theresa Harrison, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Sonya Suares

Performing artist

Lauren Sheree. Photographer: Darcy Kent
A child is standing on a sandy beach. They are wearing a colourful hat with yellow overalls and a white long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Lauren Sheree

Workshop Facilitator

A performer looks down at a child. The performer has shoulder-length hair and wears a paper cap with paper antennae attached, and overalls made from paper and tape.
A baby is smiling. Their mouth is wide open. They have short brown hair and are wearing a yellow coat.

Lauren Swain

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

2021 Polyglot staff headshot: Emily Tomlins, Associate Director. Photographer: Theresa Harrison.

Emily Tomlins

Associate Director, Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Afsaneh Torabi, Pram People Development Photo, 2022. Photographer: Scott Hone
Baby photo - Afsaneh Torabi

Afsaneh Torabi

Performing Artist

Justine Warner. Photographer: Ethan David, NYU Abu Dhabi, 2018
A child with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair looks forward.

Justine Warner

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

A man with a beard talks into a microphone. Photo: Alicia Fox.

Blayne Welsh

Writer, Theatre Maker