Acknowledgment of country

Polyglot acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and create, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present. For more than 65,000 years, children and families have created and played here, and we are grateful to make our art on this country too.

Our History

Polyglot was founded in 1978, and our rich history has shaped the company we are today.

An Us. Here. Now. production photo. A person wears a blouse and is leaning forward with their hands on their knees. Their knees are slightly bent. Photo: Sarah Walker


Artistic Director leadership change announced

A Paper Planet production photo. A child wears a paper crown and armour made from cardboard. They hold a branch made from paper. They are surrounded by paper decorations, branches and vines made from paper. They are illuminated by soft pink light. Photo: Sarah Walker.


Return to Public Performances

A Parked development photo. An adult and a child interact with one another in a well-lit theatre space with wooden floors under a hanging gum tree branch. Photo: Carla Gottjens.


COVID-19 hits

A Manguri Wiltja production photo. A person with short hair smiles and holds a doll made from purple woven string. The doll has woven purple arms, a purple head, a blue body and pink hair.


Sue Giles appointed AM

A Tangle production photo. A child smiles amongst elastic string surrounding them in different colours. Photo: Theresa Harrison.


Polyglot’s 40th birthday

A Cerita Anak production photo. A performer shields themselves from falling blue balls with a blue umbrella. Photo: Theresa Harrison.


Cerita Anak premieres

A Separation Street production photo. Children sit in a circle, their bodies illuminated by a red light. They throw paper petals into the air. Photo by Greta Costello.


Awards & residencies

A How High The Sky production photo. An infant peers through a circular hole. Light is shining through the hole. The infant's face is illuminated. Photo: Pia Johnson.


Macau & Indonesia

A Drawbridge production photo. Children crowd in front of an adult who holds a sign shaped like a speech bubble. The sign has


Polyglot on tour

A Voice Lab production photo. A child sits on their legs in an softly lit dome. They are wearing headphones. Photo: Sarah Walker.


Beginnings & endings

An Ants production photo. A performer dressed as an ant holds a large white crumb with other children who help to carry the crumb. Photo: Gavin D Andrew.


Funding, premieres, awards

A Paper Planet Production photo. A child walks amongst cardboard trees decorated with steamers and paper and tape. Photo: Martin Reddy.


New friendships

A 'We Built This City' production photo. Two children and a performer wearing blue overalls and a red t-shirt jump on cardboard boxes underneath a sunny sky.


International Touring

A Tangle production photo. Children stand on elastic string that is tangled in all directions. The string is coloured green, black and white. Photo; Aaron Walker.


Tangle premieres

A 'The Big Game' production photo. Three performers stand in front of a pile of large dice blocks. They wear tall purple caps, purple capes and silver eye masks. The performer in the middle of the three holds a large red dice. Photographer: Gavin D Andrew.


The Big Game & funding news

A Check Out! production photo. Two performers wear red aprons and pose sideways, facing an audience of children. Behind them are photo walls of shopping centres. Photo: Peter Marshall.


Regional Touring

A Johnny Grimm production photo. Two performers smile and look behind their shoulders with their thumbs up. In front of the performers is an illuminated stage, where two shadow figures pose. Photo: Peter Marshall and Photo Montage by BAT Design.


Workshops begin

A Headhunter production photo. Two performers stand behind a makeshift car on stage. The car is decorated with warning tape. On top of the car are cardboard cutouts of the facade of a church, a car and a pointing man.


Drama Victoria award

A Baggy Pants production photo. Two performers stand in front of a black background, covered in rags and clothes. They stand amongst a pile of clothes and rags.


Stop That House!

A 'The Mighty How' production photo. Two performers wearing white shirts and aprons look focused, crossing their fingers.


The Wild Things…

A We Built This City Production photo. A young person walks on a pile of cardboard boxes behind two performers. Performers lie on the cardboard boxes, and wear hard hats that cover their eyes.


We Built This City premieres

A Sunflowers Production photo. A child stands in front of a black wall. Three giant eyes hanging down in front of the wall look down at the child.


Sue Giles appointed AD

A 'Sunflowers' production photo. A child sits on a red couch and looks up at a puppet standing on the couch.


Funding news

A Granny and the Sea Monster production photo. A person with white facial makeup and red cheeks holds a penguin shaped puppet. The puppet is wearing a yellow bag and a hat.


Granny & The Sea Monster

An 'Almost A Dinosaur' production photo. A woman poses between two dinosaur puppets. She is seated behind another large dinosaur puppet, which stands between two men. Behind the large dinosaur stands another man who is smiling.


Naomi Tippett receives Kenneth Myer Medallion for the Performing Arts

A 'Little Moments' production photo. Two people wearing black are tied in a rope. Behind them is a puppet with red curly hair and wears a red shirt.


A Writer’s Guild Award Nomination

An Almost a Dinosaur production photo. Two performers wear black masks look at a dinosaur puppet that has its mouth wide open, facing sideways.


Touring to Taiwan

A 'Not the End of the World' production photo. A Tasmanian Tiger puppet interacts with a hamburger puppet. Behind them is a picture of a floating hamburger with a flag pitched on top.


Not the End of the World

A 'Tadpole' production image. A man wearing a backwards red cap and a red shirt holds a puppet of a platypus against a blue background.


The Nimbin

An 'Oddsocks and Snores' production photo. Three puppets are pictured against a black background. The puppet on the left is small and fluffy, and is smiling. There is a worm puppet and a dragon's head puppet.


Stars, Oddsocks and Snores

A 'Digger's Rest' production photo. A brown dog puppet holds a basketball.


Digger’s Mate

A 'Waste of Space' production photo. Two men hold two life-size puppets who have large eyes and ears. The man on the right is standing in front of a larger, furry puppet twice his size.


Onwards and Upwards

A Tadpole production photo. A tadpole puppet with two large eyes on the top of its head poses in between grass rushes.


Ten Years Old

A screengrab from the 'Our Street' production video in 1987. A man in a blue shirt plays a guitar and sings to a dog puppet who rests on top of a barrier painted as a metal rod fence, with painted flowers underneath to resemble a park fence. Behind the fence and the dog is a painted row of wooden houses.


A Clown for the Circus

An image of 'Circus Star' by Dorothy Rickards. A puppet with a large nose and frilled sleeves poses on a striped counter.


New shows

A Polyglot Puppet Theatre production image of 'The Good Friends'. Three puppets, two with brown hair, one with blonde hair, are pictured. They all have smiles and button eyes.


The beginning