Acknowledgment of country

Polyglot acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and create, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present. For more than 65,000 years, children and families have created and played here, and we are grateful to make our art on this country too.


Professional Development

These workshops are designed for educators and practitioners who either work with children or are interested in doing so.

A professional development workshop photo. A group of artists crouch around a large piece of paper on the floor, drawing with coloured pastels.

Polyglot’s professional development workshops introduce our distinctive philosophy and process, and focus on child-led practice; how the adult can facilitate authentic agency and become the learner, participant and observer.

Polyglot artists guide participants through highly interactive and collaborative exercises, inviting them to experiment with instinctive, sensory approaches and transformative environments. This exploration sees them develop new skills and ideas, and expand on ways of seeing and being with children. Participants also gain a deeper understanding of how to interpret and build on the responses from all children; neurodivergent and neurotypical children, and children with disability.

Polyglot’s professional development workshops shift perspectives and reinvigorate the child/adult relationship. They can be tailored around subjects or topics of interest, or for specific cohorts, and can be offered in-person or online. 

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