7 Dec 2018

Paper Planet lands in Korea! 2014

Paper Planets first journey to Korea. Our cardboard forest took over the foyer of a theatre during Children’s week, which meant that everyone coming to see other performances walked past, and often through our forest. There were so many highlights to this season, elaborate games and amazing creations, a lot of which ended up hanging in the air.
The creativity was lovely to watch as items were assembled, parents and kids made all manner of things together, kids had wings and costume pieces, parents often did too.
Performers went all out with inspired paper fashion, spurred on by the constant energy of Seoul and its stylish inhabitants.
Having two great local artists/performers, Zoe Jones and Euna Cho, on board to help us create the forest and play in it was marvellous. Both helped us understand some of the things the Korean kids shouted at us and helped us to learn how to communicate back, in single words. Korean is tricky.
Working with local performers, managers or crew is always a good way to get to know a place a little better, see a different side to a city and take some culinary chances…but more on that later.

  • Mischa Long
    Seoul, South Korea

Acknowledgment of country

Polyglot acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and create, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present. For more than 65,000 years, children and families have created and played here, and we are grateful to make our art on this country too.